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Amir Kuckovic

August 02, 2017

Amir Kuckovic


What is your job? And what do you like about your job?

I'm a fashion photographer, but I work more like a fashion marketing consultant. I love to shoot what I see, raw and natural. I don't try to show anything more what looks like is, without change nothing of the film.

amir kuckovicamir kuckovicamir kuckovicamir kuckovicamir kuckovic     


A bar, restaurant, and hotel in Barcelona. What do you usually order? 

I love the restaurant Entrepanes Díaz, just near Diagonal and Passeig de Gracia (street Pau Claris, 189). You have a lot of options, like the "Antxon", but usually, I like to taste every option of the menu, but the best one for me is the "Quimet"!

entrepanes díazentrepanes díaz

As a bar, I choose Solange, is near from my old flat and have a lot of intimacy, (Aribau Street, 143). I never order the same cocktail, they have a lot of different choices!

solange bar barcelona

solange bar barcelona

And my favorite hotel definitely is the Hotel Majestic, I've been many times and counting! After lunch near some restaurant close of it (Passeig de Gràcia 68), usually I take a coffee on its terrace. The views are not bad... ¡Sagrada Família & Casta Batlló!

Hotel Majestic

Hotel Majestic

 A place you like in Barcelona

I love the Muntaner Street, viewed from the balcony where I lived my last 4 years in Barcelona. From one side you can see the sea and from the other the mountains, like in San Francisco. 

And finally, would you dedicate a self-portrait to us? 

Always be first.

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