Closing down

The Final Chapter: A Goodbye from Local Pattern

It is with profound emotion that I announce our decision to conclude the journey of Local Pattern, a brand born in 2016 out of passion, innovation, and commitment. This decision to say goodbye to Local Pattern has not been easy, as it represents more than just a business—it's been a labor of love.

Before unveiling our CLOSING DOWN SALE, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, our dedicated customers and followers. Your trust in Local Pattern and your engagement with our mission have been the lifeblood of our brand. Every purchase you've made, every word of encouragement you've shared, and your steadfast support have been crucial. Without your involvement, Local Pattern's narrative would not have been as rich or as meaningful. Your passion for our designs and your alignment with our values have propelled us forward at every step.

The journey of navigating the complexities of the fashion industry, especially as a small independent brand, has been both challenging and rewarding. Our path has been significantly influenced by the global landscape—from the impact of pandemics and economic fluctuations to industry pressures and the effects of global conflicts. These challenges have led us to deeply reflect on our mission and our role within the fashion world.

As we prepare to close Local Pattern's doors, we are keen to share our hopes for the future of fashion—a future that embraces sustainable practices. While we will no longer produce new collections, our commitment to promoting the longevity of high-quality garments remains strong. We advocate for a shift toward valuing and extending the life of each piece, a practice that transcends our presence in the industry.

We cordially invite you to our CLOSING DOWN SALE, a final opportunity to acquire pieces from Local Pattern at special prices, ranging from €39.99 to €5. This sale, ending at the dawn of March 31, 2024, is more than a commercial event—it's a celebration of the shared values and memories we've cultivated together. Please note, all sales during this period are final, with no returns or exchanges.

As we mark the end of this chapter on March 31, 2024, I extend my deepest appreciation for your unwavering support. The legacy of Local Pattern is not just in the garments we've created but in the community we've built and the shared journey we've experienced.

With heartfelt thanks,

Founder, Local Pattern