We believe sustainability isn't just a trend. And it shouldn't be the next generation's job we see it as our mission. Now and in the future.

Locally and ethically made in Barcelona
In Local Pattern we design and make all the prototypes and big part of the production of all our pieces in Barcelona our hometown and the rest are ethically made in small factories in Catalonia, Spain. The process supports the artistic scene and contribute to the heritage and continuity of the local industry creating a local and circular economy
Timeless Design

One of the biggest issues in our society is the mentality of the peoples who think that everything is disposable. At Local Pattern, we believe that everything has a purpose. When we design we think how to make the piece the most durable possible. We create a unique, basic and timeless design wearable season after season without going out of style.   

Sustainable Fabrics & Trimmings

We make ethical clothing from sustainable, organic, recycling and natural fabrics that has a lower impact on the planet. All the fabrics we use in our collections deliver us by the European Suppliers that give us a 100% guarantee of their work conditions along with in-depth quality. The main purpose of the brand is to deliver quality sustainable positively impacting both the environment and the health. 

Recycled packaging

We have a curated packaging thought specially for you and made only with recycled and sustainable materials. 


Lyocell is also known as TENCEL ™ which is a synthetic and vegetal fiber. Basically, such type of fiber made from the pulp of wood along with the sustainable agriculture trees is somehow called eucalyptus. Getting fiber from such a tree is completely biodegradable. The production of such fiber is also reused or a recycle and the textiles with this fiber made very soft cotton than silk and better than linen. Both the Lyocell and Tencel are a perfect fiber for hypoallergenic people.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is generally known as cotton that is available only on those lands which are known as subtropical countries like Turkey, China, India, and various parts of the USA. It is also grown in some of the lands that contain free of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic chemical fertilizers. Organic cotton does not contain any genetically modified organisms which respect the cycles of the land through crop rotation.

Recycled Polyester

Polyester is known as the man-made fiber made from petrochemical products. This type of man-made fiber is very easy to clean, wrinkle-resistant, and dries very quickly. Unlike polyester, Recycled polyester is manufactured from old polyester like and old clothing pieces and plastic bottles. With the help of this recycled polyester, we can also prevent our environment from the plastics are used plastics. The production of recycled polyester does not require much more fiber and while making this recycled polyester, it doesn't generate more CO2.

Recycled Wool

Wool is naturally known as durable fiber whereas recycled wool is recycled from textile waste and old or unwanted garments. It also prevents the woolen garments from ending up in the environment. Recycled wool also saves a large amount of water and reduces the use of land for sheep grazing. It helps to reduce air, water, environment, and soil pollution.

Recycled Trimmings
Natural Trimming helps us to trim all the naturally available things like trees, cotton, wool, etc. At Local Pattern, we also use natural or recycled trimmings such as the buttons made of recycled coconut.