European Suppliers

In amt. all the fabrics and trimmings we use in our collections are from European Suppliers to guarantee good work conditions and quality. 

The 85% of our collection is made with organic, recycled or sustainable materials and all of them count with the OEKO TEX certification to guarantee the fabric don't contain toxic or harmful chemicals for you and your skin. 

Timeless Design

When we design we think how to make the piece the most durable possible. We create a unique, basic and timeless design wearable season after season without going out of style.  

Local & Made in Spain

In amt. we design and make all the prototypes and big part of the production of all our pieces in Manresa our hometown and the rest are ethically made in small and family factories from Spain. We believe in creating a local and circular economy.  For that reason we buy, produce and sell locally always we can. This means a better control in our supply chains, less shippings and less stock movements while we save a significant amount of CO2, water and energy. 

Recycled packaging

 We have a curated packaging thought specially for you and made only with recycled and sustainable materials. "Save the lost %" is our project to give a second chance to the percentage of fabric wasted when a piece is cut transforming those little pieces of fabric into bags or little pieces to gift you or use in our packaging.